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Instantaneous electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems are largely used in apartments and homes in Perth where gas and solar systems are not feasible. We supply and install electric hot water systems from some of the world’s leading brands, including Rinnai and Rheem. An electric water heater is the conventional method that has been used for many years. While they are not as energy efficient as solar and gas systems; it is still a popular choice among many homeowners. Here’s why:

  • One of the main and most crucial reason is safety. The chances of an explosion from a gas leak are much higher than electrocution from defective wiring around your electric tank. What’s more, the damage caused from a gas blast will far exceed the damage caused by a faulty electric system.
  • It is not energy efficient in its operation; however, you can monitor your usage by installing a timer on the tank. This saves you money as you have the ability to adjust the timer to switch off your system during the day when everyone is at work, and to turn on automatically before everyone gets home, which gives it enough time to heat up for everyone’s evening bath or shower. In this way, you limit your power consumption and save a few dollars.
  • Installation cost is also an essential factor to choosing an electric heater system. If you are building a new home or renovating, the costs seem to escalate by the hour! You can save costs by installing an electric hot water heater rather than a gas or solar one; both of which take longer to install due to the labour involved of connecting pipes and roof fixing. With an electric hot water system, the technician simply needs to install a special outlet or bare wiring.
  • With gas water heaters, the main problem is space. Since gas can be dangerous, the actual system needs to have sufficient space around it to adhere to safety requirements. Unlike an electric water heater, you cannot install a gas system in a small cupboard or tight space in your attic. You can install an electric tank in small, confined spaces, even under your kitchen sink, without the risk of a gas build up.
  • Electric hot water systems have a longer life expectancy as fewer parts are used. In addition, the components of an electric water heater are not exposed to direct sunlight or rain, making it less vulnerable to corrosion.

With all these reasons, as well as the variety of products manufactured by leading brands such as Rinnai and Rheem, you can choose a new electric water heater with peace of mind and acuity.

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