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For premium hot water system installations and repairs, look no further than Hot Water Factory. With decades of experience in the industry, we have become the recommended choice for hot water system products and servicing in the Perth metropolitan area. As a family-operated business, we understand the individual needs of our clients and provide a high standard of service and support to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have built our business on providing professional hot water services to both our residential and commercial clients, and have forged strong relationships with some of the industry’s most recognised manufacturers, including Rinnai, Rheem, Bosch, and Conergy.

Our tradespeople adhere to a high standard, which has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry for their quality workmanship, courtesy, and reliability. You are guaranteed of an excellent service as our staff is highly experienced and fully trained to carry out all types of service and repair work quickly and efficiently.

Our service offerings include supplying, installing and repairing a variety of hot water systems such as;

  • Solar hot water systems
  • Gas hot water systems
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Commercial installations

At Hot Water Factory, we aim to provide an apt, efficient service, which is why our mobile units are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and a complete range of spare parts. This means we are able to locate and repair any problems quickly and easily.

Heating water in your home is the main contributor to high electricity bills as conventional electric water heaters consume a large amount of energy. By choosing to install a solar hot water system, you will benefit from lower household costs, less maintenance hassles and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. You won’t have to compromise on comfort, and can continue to use the same amount of hot water as you do with your conventional system. Enjoy hot water anytime of the day without worrying about an increased electricity bill or power outages. Let the team at Hot Water Factory install a high quality solar water heating system in your home.

Another environmentally friendly option for heating your water is a gas hot water system. It’s more cost effective than electric systems, and a gas water heater will provide you with hot water throughout the day; what’s more your refilling of the tank is dependent only on your usage. Perfect for the frugal individual, a gas water heater only ignites and heats your water instantaneously when you open the tap, which allows you to monitor and control your consumption and spending. Our brand of choice for all hot water systems, especially gas, is Rinnai. We pride ourselves on installing only premium-quality systems and Rinnai gas water heaters come out on top.

While electric water heaters are not as cost effective in the long term, it is one of the most affordable systems to install, making it the ideal option if you are building a new home. One of the benefits of electric hot water heaters is the size; whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a six-bedroom mansion, you will have no trouble finding an electric hot water system to suit your requirements. These systems are widely available and come in a variety of brands to suit all budgets.

If you have not yet faced the frustration of a damp wall, a cold shower, no water or a small river running through your passage, consider yourself one of the lucky homeowners who have not experienced a hot water heater problem. There are many factors that can contribute to a breakdown of a heater system and should you experience any trouble, the team at Hot Water Factory is just a call away. We repair all types and brands of hot water heater systems, even if we didn’t install it. With our fully equipped mobile vans and efficient staff, we can determine the problem and fix it in one visit.

If you require a hot water heater system for your commercial business, contact the professionals. We specialise in residential and commercial systems of any size, for any application. All commercial installations are completed to industry standards to ensure correct operation and optimum performance.

Contact Hot Water Factory today for more information about our products and services.

Solar, Gas and Electrical Water Heating


Our fully qualified service teams attend to Hot Water System problems right across Perth. We service the Perth metropolitan area including;

South to Dawesville and South Yunderup

North East to Chidlow

South East to Pinjarra

North to Yanchep

East to Karragullen and Chidlow

…and everywhere in-between!

If required, we can also travel outside the Perth metro area for a small travel fee.

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