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Solar Hot Water Systems Perth

Conergy, Bosch, Rheem and Rinnai solar hot water systems

Solar hot water heating produces a clean, inexhaustible supply of energy, which helps us to reduce the usage of fossil fuels. It is important that you choose the right solar hot water system to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Solar water heating systems offer many benefits for residential and commercial applications.

Benefits of solar hot water systems

Low maintenance

Conventional hot water heaters have a higher risk of malfunctioning due to all the components required to make it work. Not only are you saving money by a decreased energy consumption but also by cutting maintenance costs. Simply have your solar hot water system checked every few years by a registered professional.


With an endless supply of light, a solar hot water heater allows you to use one of the earth’s natural resources to power your home or business, which makes this option environmentally friendly. Burning fossil fuels causes extensive damage to our eco-system and the use of sustainable, ‘green’ products is highly encouraged. Change your lifestyle and contribute to the fight against global warming.

Affordable and qualifies for rebates

Installing a hot water heater system in your home will save you money in the long term. You will notice a dramatic decrease in your electricity bill because of this energy saving hot water heating method. The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency urges people to switch to solar as a means of saving energy and will reward consumers by offering premium rebates.

Increases resale value

A solar hot water system is the must-have accessory in homes and businesses across Australia. You can increase the resale value of your property simply by installing a solar water heater system. Real estate agents use this as a key selling point when advertising properties. Hot Water Factory supplies and installs solar hot water systems from some of the world’s leading brands, including Rinnai, Rheem, Solahart, Edwards, and Conergy.

Rinnai solar hot water systems

Rinnai has established itself as a market leader in the industry by drawing on over 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hot water units. With extensive research, Rinnai has developed one of the best selections of highly efficient solar hot water systems. By installing a product from this range, you will reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bill.

Conergy solar hot water systems

Conergy is a leading supplier of solar hot water systems. Since its establishment in 1998, excellent German engineering and unsurpassed service has earned this company a prestigious reputation in the industry. When it comes to solar water heater systems, Conergy has extensive solar energy knowledge and has a brilliant record of accomplishment in large scale, turnkey solar projects. You can rest assured that by installing a Conergy solar hot water system, you have a system that is globally recognised and respected.

Bosch solar hot water systems

Bosch has been a household name in the industry for decades and has continued to deliver new and improved products year after year. The Bosch brand provides an extensive range of solar water heater systems, which can be installed for residential or commercial applications. If you are looking for innovation, reliability and peak performance, Bosch is the way to go. With such strong buying power, you benefit from a wide range of products at affordable prices and premium quality.

Rheem solar hot water systems

This internationally recognised brand offers high-quality products at cost-effective prices to help you save costs when purchasing, installing and owning a solar water heater. Investing in a Rheem solar water heater means you can experience a revolutionary product that gives you the luxury of hot water without the massive cost.

Solar hot water installation

As industry specialists, we find solar water heaters simple to install. We mount the solar panel neatly on your roof to absorb the light energy, connect it to your water pipes, and install the storage cylinder. Let us help you cut costs and live an eco-friendly lifestyle by installing a solar water heater system.

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Gas hot water systems Perth

Instantaneous gas hot water systems

As water heater specialists, we have made it our duty to provide you with a wide variety of systems to ensure you find a product that will suit your unique requirements. At Hot Water Factory, we supply and install high quality gas hot water systems from some of the world’s leading brands, including Rinnai, Rheem, Bosch, and Pyrox. It is essential that you choose the correct system to ensure optimum performance. Chat to one of our experts for informed advice about which gas water heater is ideal for your needs.

Gas water heaters offer many benefits to the user such as excellent energy efficiency, which afford you considerable savings while being eco-friendly at the same time. Cost is one of the driving factors behind choosing a gas water heater. Not only do you save on running costs but also on installation and maintenance. With a gas water heater, water is heated instantaneously as the gas geyser works with a pulse igniter that burns only when required. This makes it one of the most economical options on the market.

Rinnai gas hot water systems

One of our best-selling brands is Rinaai. With a strong reputation in the industry and its consistent high standard, many Australians have come to know and recommend Rinaai products. By far one of the most technologically perceptive brands, Rinnai has introduced integrated control pads that allow you to monitor and adjust your water usage accordingly. This alone makes gas hot water systems from Rinnai the obvious choice when choosing a system for your home or business. With the digital control pad positioned anywhere in your home, you can control your water temperature for up to four areas in your home. If you enjoy a steamy shower, you can set your bathroom temperature higher than the kitchen for example, where the water does not have to be piping hot. Taking five minutes out of your shower time to pace the water temperature will be a thing of the past. This self-diagnostic display even indicates when there are issues with your system that you or a repairman needs to address.

Bosch gas hot water systems

Another champion name in the industry, known for cutting-edge technology and breaking industry boundaries is Bosch. Years of experience and skilled staff has led to an innovative, comprehensive range of gas hot water systems. Bosch products use the piezoelectric ignition method for heating water. This is found to be an easy way of heating as the integrated piezoelectric light ignites at the touch of a button. As soon as the system kicks into heating mode, you get hot water immediately when you open the tap. This system provides safety and reliability to families and business, which is largely due to the thermo-electric, flame-failure device that prevents gas leakages when the ignition light is disengaged.

Rheem gas hot water systems

Rheem products are some of the most reliable and affordable on the market. By striving to provide solutions for families of every size, there is a wide variety of gas hot water systems to choose from; the extensive product range makes it easy for you to get a product that caters to your performance requirements and budget. Rheem has built on a long history of manufacturing traditional water heaters and were one of the first to revolutionise the way we heat our water. The comprehensive selection of gas hot water heaters illustrates years of commitment to provide an energy-efficient, and high-performing gas hot water system.

Gas hot water installation

Once you’ve made your product choice, the next hurdle is installation. The team at Hot Water Factory makes installation a breeze. All you have to do is choose your desired product and direct us to the areas within your home or business that you want to change. Our technicians and fully equipped mobile vans allow for a quick turnaround time, and your gas water heater will work as soon as we leave your property, with instantaneous hot water at the turn of a tap. We make light work of the installation process because of our skills and comprehensive experience.

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Electric Hot Water Systems Perth

Instantaneous electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems are largely used in apartments and homes in Perth where gas and solar systems are not feasible. We supply and install electric hot water systems from some of the world’s leading brands, including Rinnai and Rheem. An electric water heater is the conventional method that has been used for many years. While they are not as energy efficient as solar and gas systems; it is still a popular choice among many homeowners. Here’s why:

  • One of the main and most crucial reason is safety. The chances of an explosion from a gas leak are much higher than electrocution from defective wiring around your electric tank. What’s more, the damage caused from a gas blast will far exceed the damage caused by a faulty electric system.
  • It is not energy efficient in its operation; however, you can monitor your usage by installing a timer on the tank. This saves you money as you have the ability to adjust the timer to switch off your system during the day when everyone is at work, and to turn on automatically before everyone gets home, which gives it enough time to heat up for everyone’s evening bath or shower. In this way, you limit your power consumption and save a few dollars.
  • Installation cost is also an essential factor to choosing an electric heater system. If you are building a new home or renovating, the costs seem to escalate by the hour! You can save costs by installing an electric hot water heater rather than a gas or solar one; both of which take longer to install due to the labour involved of connecting pipes and roof fixing. With an electric hot water system, the technician simply needs to install a special outlet or bare wiring.
  • With gas water heaters, the main problem is space. Since gas can be dangerous, the actual system needs to have sufficient space around it to adhere to safety requirements. Unlike an electric water heater, you cannot install a gas system in a small cupboard or tight space in your attic. You can install an electric tank in small, confined spaces, even under your kitchen sink, without the risk of a gas build up.
  • Electric hot water systems have a longer life expectancy as fewer parts are used. In addition, the components of an electric water heater are not exposed to direct sunlight or rain, making it less vulnerable to corrosion.

With all these reasons, as well as the variety of products manufactured by leading brands such as Rinnai and Rheem, you can choose a new electric water heater with peace of mind and acuity.

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Commercial Hot Water Systems

Rinnai, Rheem and Bosch commercial hot water systems

At Hot Water factory, we pride ourselves on the wide range of products and services we offer. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we are able to specialise in more than one framework. We offer commercial hot water system installation and repairs for all brands and sizes. If you require an upgrade on your current system, we can service it or replace it with a more energy-efficient system to save you money and increase productivity.

Commercial water heaters can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you operate a hotel, a school, an abattoir or a farm, we have the ideal hot water system for you. It is essential that you install the correct system for your application, we can assist you with this; our expertise and practical experience in the industry have given us the ability to give you well-informed advice about commercial water heating systems.

Rinnai commercial hot water systems

The Rinnai brand excels in every aspect of hot water heating. Whether it is a solar, gas, or electrical system the aim is to promote efficiency in the workplace. By offering a variety of products, you are sure to find something that suits your business requirements and budget. One of the best products on the market available from Rinnai is the tankless water heater. These systems only operate when you need hot water, resulting in significant savings, and increased energy efficiency. With consistent research and development, this energy-saving technology works by using excess heat to preheat incoming cold water, resulting in less energy being used to heat water properly when required. When choosing a commercial hot water system, it is imperative that the system is reliable; Rinnai offers high quality manufacturing to keep downtime to a minimum within your business. By providing integrated solutions, you will never be left without hot water at your place of work.

Rheem commercial hot water systems

Rheem provides a range of heavy duty and light duty products for various commercial applications. For light usage such as a guesthouse, or for heavier usage for a gym, Rheem offers a diverse range manufactured from various materials and components such as glass and steel, to stainless steel, and polybutylene. All water heaters we supply at Hot Water Factory are licensed according to industry standards and installed with your businesses functionality and layout in mind. If you need a high-performing system that is both efficient and affordable, a Rheem product is ideal for you.

Bosch commercial hot water systems

Bosch understands that businesses utilising hot water as an essential part of their operations, are also seeking ways to be more efficient. Business owners are constantly looking to save money, and with the ‘green’ lifestyle being a trend, Bosch’s range of commercial hot water systems meet both those needs. As a leader in the industry, there is no shortage of high performing, excellent quality and energy-efficient products. View our Bosch commercial selection for the perfect water heater system.

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